We can’t get the debt under control without changing the way we pay for healthcare.

January 2023

New research fails to detect a relationship between Medicaid expansion and mortality.
Market-based healthcare policy solutions
Probably. But you have to know how to look.
And that’s a good thing. But we need longer-term solutions to fix Medicaid.

December 2022

Mandating quality doesn’t ensure quality; competition does.
Market-based healthcare policy solutions
The sharp rise in youth vaping has provoked hysteria, but the hard numbers tell a different story

November 2022

A new study offers clues about solutions to breakdowns in care
Is there a "best" financing model out there?
It would yield limited benefits, have unintended consequences, and fail to curb skyrocketing bills.

October 2022

Extending Medicaid coverage to new enrollees may come at the cost of existing beneficiaries