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Controversies Scientific and Moral

Will cash heal the homeless?

Uninsured rate shows little change amid Medicaid redeterminations

America’s Poor Health Outcomes are Driven by Behaviors – Not Coverage or Access to Care

Weight Loss Drug Prices

Can a tiny fish and an old hot dog teach us anything about whether health insurance reduces mortality?

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Why Average Income Isn’t A Good Way to Distribute Federal Medicaid Funds to States

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Key Facts About the Medicaid Redeterminations You’re Hearing So Much About

Conservative Health Policy: A Quick Look at The Wins We Celebrate

The Deadly Effects of Nursing Home Lockdowns

Cash as Medicine?

Is Medicaid Expansion Devouring State Budgets?

Drug Shortages and Drug Pricing Polices

Medicare Spending: Physician Services Are a Much Bigger Problem than Drug Prices

Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression in U.S. Adults Remain Elevated

The Unseen Realities Behind Mental Healthcare in Schools

Conservative Health Policy

How Zero-Harm Policies Hurt Patients and Clinicians

Nearly 6 in 10 US Adults Say They’ve Been on Medicaid or Have a Loved-One Who Has

Healthcare Isn’t the Place to Solve All Problems

Faster Vaccine Development Could Save Lives, But Would People Trust It?

Denying Medicaid Crowd-Out Doesn’t Make It Go Away

How Middlemen Undermine Patient-Centered Care

End of Medicaid’s Continuous Enrollment: What Are the Stakes?

Rapid Antigen Tests: A Missed Opportunity

Medicaid Expansion: Who Are We Talking About?

Biden Budget: Summary and Assessment of Medicaid Items

Politicization of Medicine and Science is Dangerous

It’s Not Just the Private Sector: International Spending Comparisons Reveal High Spending in our Public Healthcare Programs, Too

Healthcare Legal Landscape Post-COVID: Everything You Need to Know

If Medicaid Expansion Saves Lives, We Still Don't Know How

Debt Ceiling and Healthcare Entitlement Reforms

Advocates of Medicaid Expansion Claim It Saves Lives. The Evidence Isn’t So Clear.

COVID-19 Policies: Will There Be a Reckoning?

Is the Surgery Center of Oklahoma Cheaper than Hospitals?

Medicaid Eligibility Reviews Will Resume in April